3rd Festival LegeArtis Lech

Adam de Neige’s Public Art Installation in the 3rd Festival LegeArtis Lech.

2014 marks the 210 anniversary of the birth of Johann Strauss the father and founder of the great Viennese dynasty of composers. The way how he influenced the image of music and the connection of the whole Strauss family to music is very organic and influential in the context of Austrian culture. The pieces of Strauss were distinguished by radical innovation for his time. Sometimes even the works themselves used to be called familiarly and dissolute. Nowadays Strauss’ music in Austria is really popular and is considered as almost folklore. It corresponds to topics such as mass culture, pop art and camp.
No wonder that contemporary art also takes its place at the Festival LegeArtis Lech this year. With the help of different media, the invited artists will explore the theme of mass and pop culture of today. The festival will feature various artistic directions such as performative painting, public art projects, performances, happenings and video art. Irony, the mix of genres and the interaction with the audience in the presented artworks will help to identify the points of intersection of the Strauss dynasty’s cultural era and try to characterize nowaday’s artistic ideals.

curators: Strabag Award Winner Anna Khodorkovskaya and Gabriella Czibóka

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